At Searider, we believe in a vertical connection from vision to product design. This verticality defines our strength— by  controlling the entire chain, our internal engineers, designers,  testers, riders, and sales team makes the difference in the  consumer's experience.

This cohesive collaboration empowers us to create experiences that resonate with the evolving needs of our users. 













Customers’ needs stand at the heart of our focus. We value our customers feedback and expectation by developing in close collaboration revolutionary products designed for all. 

Quality ensures the reliability and longevity of our products and services. Our engineers, driven by rigor and precision, conduct exhaustive testing to surpass the highest standards.














Research and Development form the heartbeat of our engineering  journey. 

Armed with deep knowledge in mathematics, science, and technology, our R&D engineers tackle complex challenges, designing and implementing technical solutions that redefine industry standards.













Our technical expertise includes electronic, electrical, and mechanical  solutions, as well as PCB and BMS design, inverter  and motor design, mechanical design, structural designs, battery pack design, and hydrodynamic analyses. With modern technology and extensive experience, we've turned our innovative ideas into top-notch technology for our products. We are constantly pushing the boundaries in low voltage powertrain capabilities, aiming to set new standards for performance and efficiency E -water mobility aiming for Greener and innovative nautical industry. 


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